How to hold a gaming mouse

If you are new to gaming, then you may face difficulty in finding the best grip for your newly bought mouse.

Getting a perfect and comfortable grip is not an easy task for every beginner.

We have covered an in-depth guide on how to adapt yourself with the mouse.

Enjoy the article & have fun!

Read the following tips to know more about gaming mouse grips their types that will help you in adjusting your mice till getting a comfortable feel at the end of it all.

We have covered every corners of the question “How to hold a gaming mouse?”.

In comparison to a regular mouse, a gaming mouse is quite different because it’s more sensitive and offers greater control. Gaming mice are designed in a different way than regular mice.

Gaming MouseRegular Mouse
1. Gaming mice are designed in a different way than regular mice. 1. A gaming mouse is quite different because it’s more sensitive and offers greater control.
2. You can customize the gaming mouse with software and change the programs of each button.2. Regular mice have fewer buttons than gaming mice. 
3. Gaming mouses have laser sensors for greater accuracy.3. Regular mouses consist of the optical sensor only. 
4. A gaming mouse has an adjustable weight option.4. Regular mouses do not come with module parts. 

Why should one use gaming mouse grips? 

Well, Gaming mouse grips help you from wrist and shoulder pain due to prolonged times spent playing games with proper grip. Their designs not only make it easier for you but also helps in holding the mouse more tightly. It provides better control over your movements hence allowing a smooth gameplay experience too!

Types Available Of Gaming Mouse Grips:

1. Palm Grip

The palm grip comes with two components one handle, which often provides full hand support, and the second palm to put the fingertip of your three fingers into. Palm grip provides a more secure holding than tapering ones which significantly reduces problems during extreme gaming sessions.

How to hold a gaming mouse with a palm grip

There are some issues with the palm grip. Firstly, it gets slippery very quickly with such skin oils. Secondly, thicker palms are harder to fit into the grip, and even if you wear thick bracelets in this style of gaming, mouse grips are not a good idea. They will get trapped under the palm part of your hands.

2. Claw grip

It is a bit different from the other ones. The claw grip is made up of grooves and channels with just enough lip on it. It is used for gripping the mouse comfortably in your palm. It’s a little more flexible than some others. Its shape gives more freedom of movement without much trouble faced by users during playing games. Someone might have experienced problems while holding back arrows or buttons when using normal rubber pads type grips.

How to hold a gaming mouse with claw grip

Claw grip is mainly used for FPS games. It is slightly more precise than the palm grip and gives good control over your movement. The size and shape of this style will easily fit in any hand type. The game moves very smoothly, and even you can easily reload your guns. Claw provides a competitive edge over the others with its increased precision in gaming, especially when it comes to FPS games.

3. Finger Control

This type of grip is a bit different from the others. It’s made up of two components. The handle usually features ergonomic designs, and the thumb rests beside it that you place to your backhand. By using this kind of gaming mouse grips, you get the utmost comfort during tough sessions.

how to a gaming mouse with finger control

Finger control is used by many professional gamers. It’s optimized for playing games like RPG, RTS, and MMO PC gaming intense first-person shooter (FPS) games because of the thumb rest that sits beside your fingers on the left side of your palm. By putting this kind of grip in, you will surely get satisfactory performance during those high-intensity sessions.

This type is suitable for almost every gamer who are opting for a most comfortable gripping.

Palm Grip & Claw grip combo is probably one best when it comes to comfortably playing games. It involves precise control over firing and responsiveness of the movement.

However, not all gaming mouse grips fit every user’s hand. Players need to choose a grip in accordance with how they would like to play the game. It is always advisable to choose the correct grip for players who want to play games for long hours. Hence they require great freedom of movement and better control over their movements as well as holding it firmly comes in handy!

Tips for holding a gaming mouse

There are some certain tricks that you should keep in mind while holding the mouse.

  • Try to keep the angle between your elbow and the table at 90 degrees.
  • Try to keep the angle between your elbow and the table at 90 degrees.
  • Your keys should be placed on the level with your palms.
  • Just let your wrists loose; it makes the control easier.
  • Adjust the DPI as per your comfort while playing.
  • A very important one is to figure out what kind of surface you are using for gaming. However, mice have built-in sensors that still won’t give you the exact response without a pressure point on them.

Which is the perfect grip for gaming?

The answer to this question is “It Depends”. As a gamer, I have tried and tested many different types of grips that you can use on your controller. Below is my opinion:

The palm grip is OK for casual gamers, and the claw grip is better for shooters. If you prefer an arcade feel, then a ballerina or cinder grip works in your favour. Matching your gaming style with the grip can yield positive results. A mixed grip is used by most gamers. 

There are certain grips that are common to most gamers, so choosing a comfortable grip becomes easy. All the above grips have their own advantages and disadvantages. But choose it according to your comfort.

Mouse size

Yes, in gaming, mouse size always matters.

Smaller mice are easier to control and often more accurate than their larger counterparts. A mouse under 5 cm is tiring to control and may not be comfortable for extended use.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger hand, then you can opt for the bigger mouse. You need to make sure that the size of a mouse is comfortable to your hand. Remember you may use it for hours every day!

If possible, try out different mice, even if they are more expensive and make sure they will fit in well with the work environment. Before buying any kind of wireless which is hassle-free is advisable to use the wired mouse first, especially if you are not keen on the wireless concept.

Functionality is important also while buying a gaming mouse, such as its ability to store more than three profiles and/or software that allows customization of a game’s buttons functions, like added macro keys or key remapping tools etc.

Mouse weight 

Mouse weights matter very much in gaming. A heavy mouse can make movement difficult, while a bulky design may not be comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Some gaming mice are heavier than others and also need some effort to move them around. For example, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is 45g heavy, but its precision scroll wheel requires very little strength for small movements or large scrolls. In games, these always translate into ‘little details’ that can give you a tactical advantage.

Moreover, some gaming mice are designed to be discrete and lightweight, while others need a little more effort to move them around. For example, the Logitech G403 is no heavier than most standard mouse bodies (26g), but you must use the thumb button for clicking – which requires more force. 

Try to buy a gaming mouse that has an adjustable weight facility. This will give you the ability to adjust how heavy or light your mouse is and make it tighter for a game but also lighter for everyday use.

Having extra adjustable weight in a gaming mouse can help with accuracy. Some mouse weights can only take to a certain weight, so try to find one that will go up to your preferred range.

To summarize, a gaming mouse should have an adjustable weight so you can make it tighter or looser for games – and also lighter or heavier for everyday use. It should also have adjustable precision scroll wheels if your game requires them. Try to buy a mouse that has all these features.


One of the biggest mistakes that any gamer can make is to use an inadequate gaming mouse. Even the best of the best can have a bad day if they’re using a mouse that simply isn’t up to the job. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent gaming mice out there to choose from. If you’re in the market for a new one, don’t just buy any old piece of hardware. Take a look at the Best gaming mouse for RTS games, read our reviews, and find the best gaming mouse for you. 

We hope this article has given you enough information about holding a gaming mouse, different types of grips, and their pros and cons. If you have any other questions, please comment down. 

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